Dohori Champion

Dohori Champion is a Dohori Reality Show presented by Nepal Television and coproduced
by Key Entertainment. It is a championship based on Nepali folk music and

Dohori is a type of Nepali Folk song in the form of question and answer, where a team
sings and the opponent replies through an equally lyrical impromptu couplet and vice
versa. Dohori is sung mostly in the rural areas of Nepal and currently popular among
the youths as well. Not only in Nepal, Dohori has its wide presence in the Nepalese
community across countries like UK, US and Bahrain, Malaysia and other gulf
countries. Madal, Sarangi and Flute are some of the major instruments used in dohori.

The show provides a platform for new as well as established talents from different
corners of the country. The participants fight for the trophy throughout the period of
around 6 months. The winner will be decided based on their talent and creativity.

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